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5 Foot – Mogami 3082 Speaker Cable Terminated with Neutrik NL2FX SPEAKON and Neutrik Gold NP2X-B, 1/4 inch TS Connectors

Mogami is by far the worlds most sought after studio cable brand, most major recording studio’s and leading sound engineers in the world uses Mogami cabling due to the legendary performance of these cables. You are buying the best when you buy Mogami. All Mogami cables are made in Japan using the best materials and technological know-how that comes from decades of research and development.
All our custom made cables are professionally soldered with a Proprietary 4% Silver solder blend; especially developed by WORLDS BEST CABLES, we also use a specially developed, Proprietary Nitrogen-Assisted soldering process that is unique to […]

Monster XP Clear Jacket – Compact Speaker Cable MKII – English/French/Spanish (29.52 feet / 9 meter Mini Spool)

Magnetic Flux Tube construction and special cable windings for natural music reproduction
Impressive clarity, bass response and dynamic range in a compact design
Special LPE insulation reduces signal loss and distortion

Nyrius NWOC500 High Performance Digital Audio Optical Toslink Cable (6 Feet) for Receiver, HDTV, Blu-ray, DVD, Dolby Digital, DTS, XBOX360, PS3, Satellite/Digital TV Set-top-box

High performance digital optical fiber to meet high speed signal demands; Allows transfer of the full spectrum of the audio signal
Optimum Dolby Digital, DTS Surround Sound and THX experience; Superior audio connection for receiver, HDTV, Blu-ray, DVD, XBOX360, PS3, satellite/digital TV set-top-box
Specially engineered connectors ensure proper light alignment; Convex lens for better light transmission